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Finding quality employees or temporary help doesn't have to be such a daunting task. At Rand Employment Solutions, we take the struggle out of the search. Below you will find everything you need to know about what we do and how we provide quality employees for your business.




We balance the expectations and earn the trust of our clients, employees and our community with honesty and integrity guiding everything we do – simply put, our actions match our words. Caring We ensure that every interaction is caring and courteous. We strive to “Make a Difference” in your day. We speak candidly and listen openly.




We are committed to excellence and the achievement of superior long-term returns for our company. We set high, measurable goals and hold ourselves accountable to achieve them. We recognize that addressing challenges head-on is a requirement for success.






We are never satisfied with the status quo and know that we must continually reinvent our organization and ourselves. We recognize that we need to be innovative and creative to strategically position ourselves in the market.



We are positive, energetic and committed to achieving our objectives and living our values. We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures. We keep our egos in check and maintain a sense of humor. We believe in the power of talented, committed individuals—working as a team—to make an extraordinary difference.


How soon can I use your company?


• Today. The process is simple and usually only takes moments of your time.



Do you have resumes on file to review prior to scheduling an interview?


• Yes! We require all of our associates to have a current resume on file with us to better assist them with their placement, which enables us to provide you with their information as well.



Can I hire my temp on a permanent basis, prior to the 90 business days required?


• Yes! However, based on the actual amount of "temp" hours used, there may be a small fee that can be negotiated for the percentage of the remaining hours.

If I use your services to help fill a "permanent" position in my company, will I be charged a fee?


• Totally up to you. Our clients who seek "permanent" positions are contractually obligated for any and all agreed upon fees. As their new employer, you may choose to pay their obligation upon hiring.



Can I hire more that one temp at a time?


• Certainly! Please feel free to use us to fill all of your staffing needs, even if they all require different skills.



Do I have to pay overtime, holiday or sick time for my "temp" help?


• By law, overtime pay is required and mandatory in most cases. However, you DO NOT have to pay for holiday or sick time hours.






Temporary assignments typically include coverage for employee vacation or sick time, leaves of absence, increased workloads, and special projects of needs. Regardless of reason, hiring temporary associates makes perfect sense for short-term or emergency business needs.





What do you do when you want to fill a position on a temporary basis and you've already identifited a cadidate for the job? Rand's payroll services can place that person on our temporary payroll for any period of time... and at a reduced rate from traditional staffing services.



An excellent way to fill a permanent position within your organization while trying out a potential candidate on a temporary, no obligation basis first. This popular staffing strategy allows you to work with the candidate before you make a final hiring decision, allowing them to show off their true talents on the job.





Hiring direct from day one, this placement option utilizes Rand's recruitment and screening services to attract top talent for your permanent positoin. At Rand, we guarantee our placements


• Professional

• Management

• Technical

• Clerical

• Accounting

Even if your field of expertise or interest is not listed above, still apply and we will find the right job for you!

• Administrative

• Human Resources

• Warehouse

• General Labor

• Light Industrial



Whether you’re hiring temporary staff for a short-term assignment or looking to hire someone to fill that full-time position, why take chances on hiring the wrong candidate?


Rand Screen can help you hire the best possible employee for the job.


All Rand employees go through an extensive pre-employment screening process, and additional optional screening packages are available to ensure we make the right fit every time!


Hire with 100% confidence knowing that Rand has thoroughly tester and evaluated its applicants before they are sent to your jobsite. Our online screening tools and resource partners assist us in making sure that each candidate passes the most rigorous pre-employment checklist in the industry... guaranteed!




• Behavioral Assessments

• Employer References

• Background Checks

• E-Verify I-9 Checks

• Drug Screening

• Skills Testing





Rand Employment Solutions is partnered with Mid Cal Labor and Worklogic HR. These strong and reputable companies have years of experience serving Kern County in  staffing, training, and human resources outsourcing and we are proud to call them business partners.


See the Rand Employment difference! Contact us today today to get started staffing your company!


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